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Great tasting products. Let's face it. CBD does NOT taste good. In fact, it tastes awful. Until we get a hold of it. Then it tastes fantastic! NURIV flavors absolutely positively enhance your CBD experience!Hard to believe? Not when you have our portfolio of patented and patents-pending technologies.

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NURIV uses a single origin organic non-GMO hemp supply grown in California using progressive organic and sustainable farming techniques by fourth and fifth generation farmers that have been there for over a century. NURIV hemp is grown on a 10,000 acre legacy farmland family owned since the early 1900’s, situated between the Superstition Hills and the nearby Salton Sea, resting on a rich bed of loam soil on an ancient alluvial flood plain that is ideal for growing hemp.

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NURIV emulsions and tinctures provide broad spectrum CBD with potent neurotransmitter and anti-inflammatory nutrients and botanicals to assure full-spectrum therapeutic effects, in a fast acting bioavailable delivery system for quick absorption and uptake; that provide comprehensive CBD support along with support for sleep, immune, joint, focus and stress.

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