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Whether you have the barest of an idea, or you already have the exact formula in mind, our experienced scientists will work you to achieve your product goals, from development of your product, stability and micro- testing, to pilot production and scale up.


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Microencapsulation powder patented technologies to make CBD stick packs, pouches, tubs and so much more!

Microencapsulation liquid patented technologies to make CBD beverages (8, 10 and 16oz etc..), shots (1 and 2oz), multi-serving products, liquid pouches and so much more!


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Our state-of-the-art facility is certified organic by the State of California. Need a product that is Non GMO, allergen-free, USDA organic and GRAS (generally recognized as safe)? NURIV is your solution!


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NURIV does it all: Control your costs and quality by manufacturing your product from start to finish, from R &D to pilot production, to scale-up, co-packing, labeling, and shipping.


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You also have the option of selling one of NURIVs’ proprietary products under your label, customized to your specifications.

 •  CBD with EPA DHA

 •  CBD with EPA DHA

 •  CBD with CoQ10

 •  CBD with Astaxanthin

 •  CBD with B Vitamins

 •  The list goes on!

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